What makes Adventure Canada special?


1. Small Ship — Big Adventure

Small ships can navigate narrow rivers, secluded coves, and ice-strewn fjords with ease—the places where wildlife thrives and local culture is at its best. A small ship means a small onboard community of likeminded travellers, and our legendary, informal shipboard programming encourages lively exchanges and fun.


2. Local Culture — the Heart of Adventure

We build our expedition team around the knowledge and experience of a team of culturalists, many of whom call the regions to which we travel their homes. With their guidance, we gain locals’ perspective while giving back to communities.


3. Regional Experts — A World-Class Team

Our onboard staff are flown in specially for each expedition. This means that your expedition team is composed of specialists who are excited to be there as you are! Celebrated artists and field-leading scientists are all at home aboard the ship—with Adventure Canada you’re not a passenger, you’re one of the team.


4. Giving Back — Shaping the Future

We embrace and encourage traditional knowledge and future innovation, fostering a new generation of polar stewards through work with organizations like Students on Ice, the Inuit Heritage Trust, and Project North, and the Explorers Club. Our Discovery Fund strengthens environmental, cultural, and sustainable initiatives in the regions to which we travel.

5. Working With the Best

Our award-winning expeditions are enhanced by outstanding partnerships with organizations like Parks Canada, WWF-Canada, and Nikon Canada. Through our partners, we have unprecedented access to our country’s most remote places, aided by their expert interpreters and complimented with industry-leading photographic equipment.

6. Family-Owned and Operated — For Thirty Years!

Adventure Canada always has been and always will be a family operation and a close-knit team. Now in our second generation of management, we still abide by the strictures established by our founder, Matthew Swan. We believe in the transformative power of nature, and fostering a sense of fun and wonder. We value meaningful cultural exchange. And we put quality above quantity—always.

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